We offer a stylish, fresh array of eyewear frames.  Our inventory is continuously updated to ensure that we bring you the newest, hottest styles.  We also have a large collection of the classics that never go out of style.  Whether you've worn the same style for years, or you need a fresh, new look every year, we've got the perfect eyewear for you!

Kate Spade * Lilly Pulitzer * Maui Jim * Modo * Oliver Peoples * OWP/MEXX * Prodesign * Silhouette * Takumi



For the most flattering, high-quality sunwear, For Your Eyes Only is the place to be!  We offer a variety of sunwear available in both  prescription or non-prescription lens options. 

Maui Jim

Kate Spade

Greg Norman



Cocoons - Fitover Sunwear



Accidents happen.

If you find yourself with a few "loose screws" or any other eyewear ailment, come see us! 

We can fix a lot, usually in a few minutes.  We have an inventory of many replacement parts, and can order from most manufacturers if replacement parts are available.

Even if your situation looks hopeless, bring in your eyewear anyway.  Often there is a simple solution to your broken or mangled specs.

Contact Lenses


Astigmatism - Colored - Bifocal - Multifocal - Disposable

We have access to most any contact lens you would ever need!  Provide us with a valid contact lens prescription and we will be glad to order your supply.  If you've lost or torn a lens, we can often give you a free trial lens to get you by until your order arrives.

Orders usually arrive in 1-3 business days.  Our pricing is competitive with many of the on-line distributors  and most manufacturers offer rebates.

If you think your prescription isn't suitable for contact lenses, ask your doctor about it the next time you receive an eye examination.

Contact lens technology is improving every day.